Brian Revels & The Heat Lightning with special guest Slow Parade

Tue, Jul 18 7:00PM

**Brian Revels live at Eddie’s Attic!**

Brian Revels is energy and angst in a comet trail of music that is as perceptive as it is entertaining. He hearkens back to an earlier time, a bygone era when words were true and hearts were strong. His observations of Americana ring with authenticity, with the rawness of earth, the clarity of rainwater and the depth of the sky.

He’s a wily veteran of the Atlanta, Georgia music scene, a multi-instrumentalist, a natural-born storyteller with a poetic edge. He helped to build the band City Mouse into a regional force before it was finally time to step out on his own. He now makes his home in Rochester, New York.

He’s from folk and blues and country and bluegrass, an alternative to them all and a better man for their influences. The hole he’s worn in his guitar is not as large as the one he’s worn in his heart with the care of the lives he hopes he can redeem one song at a time.

Be sure you see him now so you can say you knew him when – before the wider world discovers him and lifts him away. His timeless musicality will touch your soul with the drama, and the significance, of love lost and regained, of the human frailty that reduces and yet ennobles each of us.

**Slow Parade**

Slow Parade is the musical messenger of songwriter Matthew Pendrick. Based in the fertile landscape of Atlanta, Georgia, Slow Parade’s 3rd LP Maybe You’ll Come Around Again distills a familiar recipe of Roots, Blues and Country into a potent elixir once known as Rock & Roll.

With echoes of Harvest-era Neil Young or the Band’s more clear eyed moments at Big Pink, Maybe You’ll Come Around Again strips back the shiney veneer of digital technology in search of something less. Pendrick’s characters are low on gas, incurious of redemption, and probably high on something. They slouch towards the lucidity lurking under every pounding headache from a good time Saturday night.

Having shared the stage with many of the South’s musical torch bearers as well as contemporaries as diverse as Daniel Romano, CW Stoneking, and Israel Nash , Slow Parade’s strength has always been Pendrick’s keen eye for a song and willingness to become its humble servant, however it may transform his sound.

The bulk of the LP was recorded over the course of just 3 days at Standard Electric Recording Co. outside Atlanta, GA. Aiding and abetting Pendrick was a cherry picked ensemble of good friends with big ears: Matt ‘Pistol’ Stoessel on the pedal steel guitar (Faye Webster, Cracker), Evan Sarver on bass (Southern Avenue, Col. Bruce Hampton), Rhett Huffman on keys (American Aquarium) and Ryan Van Fleet on Drums (American Aquarium). The goal was to capture the songs as naturally as possible, with everyone playing together in one room. It happened that the room had its own history as the Greater Zion Full Baptist Church, originally built in 1908. That the space itself had incubated the seeds of the music tradition Slow Parade now channeled was not lost on the band.

“I’ve been taking my time with a dream I can’t mend,” Pendrick muses wistfully on ‘Napping on the Job,’ trading twang for a touch of blissful atmospherics. As the melody swirls and shimmers around the ears in a hallucinatory trance of lush pedal steel and electric piano, Slow Parade beckons us to surrender to the dream. If only for a few stolen winks, if only for one last drink, if only for a few more miles. Maybe it doesn’t have to be so complicated. Maybe You’ll Come Around Again.

Slow Parade
Brian Revels
Doors open - 6:00 PM
Slow Parade - 7:00 PM
Brian Revels - 7:30 PM


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